Energy Savings Agreement

Bruening Heating agrees to provide you with two (2) precision tune-ups,
professional cleaning, and safety inspections per year as described
below to help provide a comfortable, energy efficient, and safe indoor environment.


- Priority customer service

- 10% discount on repairs, excludes diagnostic fee

- 24-hour emergency service

- No overtime charge for weekends 8 a.m.–5 p.m. (excludes holidays)

- Improved efficiency

- Improved capacity

- Agreement is transferable

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Primary Cooling & Heating System $199
Add Gas Fireplace/Insert/Stove +$75/per unit
Add Additional HVAC Equipment
(Ex: Mini Split, PTAC, ERV, Furnace, A/C, Heat Pump, Boiler, Water Heate Total = $
+ $50 per unit

Furnace/Air Conditioner Procedures

- Clean or replace standard air filter

- Inspect evaporator (indoor) coil. (Clean at discounted Flat Rate price, if necessary & upon customer’s approval.)

- Inspect primary & secondary drain

- Condensate pan treatment tablets

- Inspect blower components– clean at discounted Flat Rate price, if needed

- Inspect condenser coil (clean if necessary)

- Check refrigerant charge

- Lubricate all moving parts (where applicable)

- Inspect electrical connections

- Monitor voltage & amperage draw on all motors

- Monitor equipment cycles (in season)

- Inspect heat exchanger & burners–vacuum and/or adjust as necessary

- Adjust gas pressure as necessary

- Inspect pilot/ignition operation– clean & adjust as necessary

- Monitor flue draft for safe operation

- Inspect & test safety controls

- Adjust air flow for proper temperature rise

- Inspect heat anticipator settings

- Inspect thermostat operations

- Inspect supply & return for cleanliness

- Inspect humidifier (if applicable)

- Inspect UV lights (if applicable)

- Inspect electronic air cleaner (if applicable)

- Inspect condensate pump

Hearth Procedures (if applicable)

- clean glass panel & inspect gasket seal

- Inspect logs for cracks/damage

- Inspect logs for carbon build up

- Inspect air intake & exhaust ducts

- Inspect safety switches

- Test unit for proper gas pressure

- Inspect blower system

- Inspect refractory brick/interior for cracks/condensation damage

- Inspect pilot/ignition system for proper operation and clean if necessary

- Re-freshen embers

- Clean logs

- Minor touch-up if interior (paint_, if needed

- Check switch/thermostat/remote for proper operations

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