Water Heaters

Water heater service.

When your Quincy, IL, water heater stops working, your daily routine stops working. Showers become unbearably cold. Your dishes and clothes don’t get the germ-killing treatment they deserve.

Think there might be a problem with your water heater? Here are some giveaways:

Your Water Is the Wrong Temperature

Assuming nobody has been monkeying with the temperature control, this could point to a problem. Your water heater may have a malfunctioning pilot light, thermostat, or poor connections.

Your Water Smells or Looks Funny

This could mean rust has moved into your water tank. The anode rod prevents corrosion from attacking the inside of your tank. However, if you haven’t replaced your anode rod in the past three years or so, your tank may rust.

Your Hot Water Heater Makes Banging Noises

Most tap water contains trace amounts of minerals like magnesium or calcium. As time passes, these minerals form a sediment at the bottom of your tank that “pop” when the water heats up. You can avoid this problem by flushing your heater twice yearly, draining the sediment and trapped air.

Why Choose Bruening

Since opening our doors in 1975, Bruening Heating has provided top-notch service to homes and businesses across IL. As a family-owned company, we have deep roots in the Quincy community and greatly value the trust you place in our work.

If you suspect there’s an issue with your water heater, don’t wait! Have a Bruening professional check it out. We offer prompt and reliable service that will restore your hot water in no time. We’re available 24/7 to be there when you need us. Here are the water heater models we service:

Storage Tank Heaters—these are the most popular water heating appliance, favored for their simplicity and low upfront cost.
Tankless Heaters—Instead of keeping a supply, tankless units heat your water on command.
Hybrid Electric Heaters—Hybrid electric heaters team up with your heat pump to save money on your utilities. As you heat your home, you also heat your water.
Solar Water Heaters—Solar water heaters harness the sun’s energy to provide hot water. A solar panel hooks up to an electric heating element.

Putting off a repair can be an expensive proposition. Your water heater already accounts for up to 20 percent of your energy bill. A compromised system drives your utilities even higher. Leave it long enough, and you may need to replace it.

Water Heater Maintenance

If you want to avoid pesky service interruptions in the future, preventative maintenance is your best bet. During a typical inspection, our specialists will perform vital restorative services. Your water heater’s pressure valve, and anode rod need to be checked. Additionally, we’ll flush your tank, make temperature adjustments and more.

Need Water Heater Service?

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Need Water Heater Service?

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